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80% of smart city leaders more likely to invest in projects that maximize existing infrastructure

Smart cities should be taking more advantage of existing technologies and infrastructure rather than waiting for the full roll out of technologies such as 5G. That’s according to a poll of 100 smart city industry experts….Chris Shannon, CEO, Fotech Solutions, said, “The findings of this research not only demonstrate that the appetite for smart city progress remains strong, they also highlight the need for more practical approaches to creating smart city systems - using innovation to extract more value from infrastructure that has already been expensively installed. Avoiding the cost and disruption of rolling out new technologies and capitalizing on existing infrastructure – such as fiber optic networks and 4G technology for example - could have huge benefits for cities around the world and significantly shorten the ‘time to value’ for smart city projects. Indeed, what is very poorly understood and often overlooked today is the idea that the fiber cables themselves can actually be used as sensors in their own right – reducing, or eliminating, the need for new infrastructure.”

An example of a more pragmatic approach to smart cities would be technologies, such as Fotech’s Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), that capitalize on the thousands of kilometers of optical fibers already in place in our cities. DAS augments existing fiber networks by converting the cables into a network of state-of-the-art sensors
80% of smart city leaders more likely to invest in projects that maximize existing infrastructure, research finds
Fotech Solutions News & Blog September 8, 2020
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