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AI-backed distributed acoustic sensing to monitor cities

If big data is the new oil, as it has often been said, then Fotech offers the right tools to dig for more of it and feed the insatiable needs of tomorrow’s smart cities. eeNews Europe caught up with Fotech’s product line director Stuart Large about what the company considers the untapped potential of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) for smart cities….the beauty of DAS is that it operates with standard telecommunications grade optical fibers, either tapping into existing telecoms infrastructures or into new purpose-laid monitoring fibers, effectively turning these fibers into a linear array of discrete vibration sensors.

DAS goes way beyond what traditional OTDRs can, stresses Large. “A telecom OTDR merely tells you what splices you have along the fiber, what connections you have and the quality of these splices, it doesn’t provide sensing. That same fiber can send vibrations from cars travelling along the road, from which can be derived the flow rate, the velocity, the number of cars and possible accidents. DAS is a far more sophisticated OTDR. There are about 20 different companies stating they have DAS, but only a small bunch of them has the software to actually extract meaningful information from the collected data.”
AI-backed distributed acoustic sensing to monitor cities
eeNews Europe April 20, 2020
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