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AP Sensing Takes Off on a New Track

An AP Sensing collaborative project, ‘SpectRail’, has recently been awarded funding in one of the UK Department of Transport’s competitions. The competition is operated by Innovate UK and part of the industrial end user, Network Rail’s R&D program of innovative projects to support research, development and innovation in the rail industry.

SpectRail is a cost-effective intelligent infrastructure project utilizing self-powered fiber acoustic transmission for railway monitoring; it is being developed by a consortium of technology companies. The project is maintenance-free, fast to fit, flexible, self-powered and able to collect data at almost all locations.

AP Sensing Director of Research and SpectRail project leader Dr. Gareth Lees discussed some of the project’s benefits and novel capabilities. “Beyond our proven DAS [Distributed Acoustic Sensing] benefits such as monitoring train location and detecting wheel flats, cable theft, and trespass, this project expands into previously unexplored areas of rail monitoring. Some of the unique functionalities we are working on are monitoring pollution and graffiti-in-progress. Not only does this cut costs for the railway operators, but users will reap the benefits of increased safety and decreased pollution.”
AP Sensing Takes Off on a New Track
AP Sensing News October 8, 2019
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