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ASELSAN received the Innovation Award from the European Railway Clusters Initiative

ASELSAN…received the Innovation Award from the European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI)….for its multipurpose intelligent distributed acoustic sensor (MIDAS), a railway monitoring and warning system with a fiber optic sensor in the Large-Scale Company category….ASELSAN’s MIDAS is based on the detection of optical scattering in standard fiber optic cables. Light traveling through the fiber optic cable creates optical scattering caused by the physical structure of the cable. Human and vehicle activities above ground create mechanical waves that interact with the cable and change the nature of the scattering within the cable. By measuring the changes in scattering, the sources that cause mechanical waves around the fiber optic cable can be detected.

MIDAS/R system, with its fiber optic sensor detection capability, is innovative in railways-specific security like in cases of line theft, sabotage, landslide and fault detection, including rail damage and signaling train position, speed detection and level crossing control.
European Railway Clusters Initiative awards 2 Turkish firms with innovation prize
Daily Sabah September 15, 2020
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