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Combating congestion with the digitalization of transport management systems

If cities are serious about improving traffic flows…then technologies like [Distributed Acoustic Sensing] DAS have a key role to play in gaining intelligent insights, managing motorways and roadways, and managing transport networks more efficiently. As one of the world’s biggest cities…London is facing pressure to digitalize its existing infrastructure, and complete the transition towards becoming a “smart city”….London needs to turn to new technologies to tame its traffic.

With DAS, a city’s existing fiber optic networks can be augmented to create a vast network of sophisticated acoustic sensors – enabling the monitoring of roadway traffic and public transport routes (including subway and light rail). Rather than relying on outdated, intermittent, or simply unreliable data, DAS monitoring solutions provides the means to recognize and detect the acoustic and seismic data generated by vehicles and trains – so that traffic can be managed effectively, and trains accurately located, all in real time.

Combating congestion with the digitalization of transport management systems
Fotech Solutions Blog April 17, 2019
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