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Detection of hydroacoustic signals on a fiber-optic submarine cable

OptaSense was recently contracted by the Japan Agency for Marine Earth-Science & Technology to conduct a long-range data collection project on a subsea seismic monitoring cable….The project provided an opportunity to take advantage of the long-range quantitative data provided by the advanced OptaSense QuantX interrogator unit. The results of the project, a world’s first of its kind…published in Nature’s Scientific Reports….This is a tremendous honor for OptaSense and to be published in Nature is recognized as significant milestone in any scientific career…. Detection of Hydroacoustic Signals on a Fiber-optic Submarine Cable concludes distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) can be used for hydroacoustic surveys and was able to monitor the ocean microseismic background along the total 120km length of the cable….opens the door to further use of the QuantX system for critical applications such as tsunami monitoring and remote earthquake detection. Originally published in Nature February 2021
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