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Enabling smart highways, not just smart motorways, with DAS

Smart motorways now account for 200 miles of the UK’s motorway network….while smart motorways carried 10.7% of motorway traffic they accounted for, on average, 11.4% of the serious casualties. Some of these incidents are linked to issues with some of the technology infrastructure that the detail of the report highlights. For example, the camera-based car detection system – used to spot vehicles that are broken down or encountering issues and rapidly send out rescue teams – still takes an average of 17 minutes to spot a vehicle in trouble, and a further 17 minutes for a rescue team to arrive on the scene. Clearly this is exposing drivers to unwanted risk….The problem with the technical implementation of smart motorways is the reliance on point sensors - in the form of cameras and induction loops in the roadway….Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) technology can provide an answer to these challenges. With a fiber alongside a motorway, DAS can provide full continuous monitoring of the entire motorway – providing additional detecting capabilities to spot disruptions in the flow of traffic and changing behavior in the vehicles.
Enabling smart highways, not just smart motorways, with DAS
Fotech Solutions News & Blog August 10, 2020
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