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Fiber-Optic Sensing Used to Protect Nuclear Power Plant

OptaSense’s Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) using distributed fiber-optic sensing was selected by a nuclear power plant operator in order to meet strict regulatory requirements for perimeter protection. Using a single strand of single-mode fiber to detect acoustic activity, combined with advanced software algorithms, the OptaSense PIDS solution detects activity and classifies on stealth approach, personnel, vehicles, manual and mechanical digging. When integrated to a camera system, a “slew-to-cue” feature is exploited, giving operators an immediate alert with visual validation of the intrusion activity.

Additionally, most nuclear power stations are located near an abundance of cooling water and it is an essential resource for not only generating steam but is also used in the reactor cooling process. Any disruption to that water supply can be crippling to the plant’s production. The threat of water-borne intrusion or disturbances can also be thwarted using the OptaSense PIDS solution.
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