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Fiber Optic Sensors for more efficient Railway Operations

Fiber optic sensors, which work on the basis of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), provide comprehensive access to a wide range of information surrounding the railway. This means that the complete monitoring of the wheel-rail interaction is now possible for the first time….The speed or estimated time of arrival can be derived from this. The interaction between the wheel and rail also provides information regarding any defects on the train wheels or the condition of the track components. DAS also enables spontaneous incidents, such as rock falls, fallen trees, be detected along the monitored line. Movement detection in safety-relevant zones also enables various safety applications to be optimized. These solutions allow an overview of the entire railway network, including rolling stock, to be formed in real-time.
Fiber Optic Sensors for more efficient Railway Operations
SIGNAL+DRAHT (111) December 2019 p.32
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