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Fiber Optic Technology: Beyond Traditional Linear Heat Detection

AP Sensing’s novel solution addresses the need for monitoring storage tanks and pipelines….storage tanks are filled with chemicals that are flammable and oftentimes explosive…tanks can be ten or more years old and geographically located in regions with substantial lightning activities. Similarly, pipelines are susceptible to leaks and Third-Party Interference….Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) technology is becoming an increasingly popular method for monitoring critical infrastructures….The technology is simple to install and offers significant advantages compared to other monitoring technologies or point sensors. Only one fiber optic cable is needed to monitor an entire pipeline or tank farm, and the cable is capable of continuously monitoring the entire asset 24/7. DFOS typically uses a pre-existing standard fiber optic telecommunications cable….The sensing cable detects vibrations, temperature changes and acoustic events….real time updates along the entire sensing cable.
Fiber Optic Technology: Beyond Traditional Linear Heat Detection 
Tank Storage Magazine October/November 2020 issue p.97
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