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Hidden Optical Linear Heat Detection in Large Theaters

Have you ever been to one of the big theaters around the world and spent a little time admiring the often very beautiful auditorium? Wondered how they make the sound work? But probably not how the fire detection works or where it is hidden? In 2019, an investigation took place in the iconic Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. The investigation showed that in case of a fire in the auditorium, it would take too long for the fire and heat to travel to the high ceiling and set off the smoke detectors placed there. This time span could prove crucial for the theater and the people inside of it….The solution was installing LIOS DE.TECT 4 mm sensor cables in the floor. Perfectly hidden for the guests at the theater, but still doing their job; to detect any shift in heat in a fast and reliable way. The combination of early, but hidden, detection and a fire extinguishing system, turned to be perfect for early detection, keeping flames down, and minimizing damage…. The Mehr!Theater in Hamburg…the Deutsches Schauspielhaus….it was important to be able to install the DE.TECT sensor cable
Hidden Optical Linear Heat Detection in Large Theaters
NKT Photonics News February 2021
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