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Hifi Announces New Pipeline Pig Management Application and Two New Patents


Hifi Engineering Inc. (“Hifi”), a developer and supplier of next generation fiber optic sensing technology used to monitor assets including pipelines and oil and gas wells…announced the company has released the HDS Pipeline Pig Management Application (PMA) for pipelines as part of their patented high fidelity distributed sensing (HDS™) platform. HDS is a specialized data interrogation and analysis platform which uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence software algorithms to support Hifi’s high fidelity fiber optic sensors. The new PMA allows pipeline operators to use the HDS 2.0 platform and web-based HDS Monitor pipeline monitoring interface to manage pipeline pig detection and tracking for their pipeline networks….Hifi also announced two new patents.

“We are very pleased with both the launch of Hifi’s Pipeline Pig Management Application and these additional patents supporting the HDS 2.0 platform,” said Steven Koles, Hifi’s President and CEO. “These internally developed innovations help support preventative pipeline leak detection, as well as our other operational applications which help support environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scorecard objectives of our pipeline partners.”
Hifi Announces New Pipeline Pig Management Application and Two New Patents
Digital Journal February 15, 2021
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