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Increase Profitability and Productivity by Reducing Conveyor Downtime

Conveyor belt failure typically results in process line downtime…loss of production, loss of products, and ultimately loss of profits. Currently, many companies have a shift operator or superintendent that is in charge of ‘walking the belts’ and actually walk along or drive alongside every conveyor belt in the plant…There is now a smarter, more efficient and reliable method to monitor conveyor health and prevent costly downtime. The Praetorian™ Fiber Optic Sensing System, developed by Hawk Measurement Systems, has the ability to immediately detect which idlers have failed or will soon fail, identifies the exact location of each idler, and reports it to the control system or operator….real-time smart solution…also prevents a failure from ever happening in the first place. The Praetorian™ reports when an idler is going to potentially fail (in some cases, up to 20 days in advance)
Increase Profitability and Productivity by Reducing Conveyor Downtime
Hawk Measurement News September 16, 2020
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