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Innovative companies driving the digital oilfield of the future

At a time when building new pipelines has become a national issue, due in no small part to fears over leaks, a new fiber optic-based pipeline monitoring technology has arrived at an opportune time. Hifi Engineering Inc.’s high fidelity dynamic sensing system provides a fully distributed monitoring using a specialized fiber optic cable designed to detect high fidelity acoustics, temperature and vibration/stain....across every centimeter of the pipeline in real time....can discriminate between a full and an empty dump truck driving on a road above a buried pipeline, or an earthquake originating thousands of kilometers away.

“We generate a lot of data from the sensor, we have a number of algorithms that are running on that data set, and they are looking for various events inclusive of a leak. We...have been working University of Calgary on how we can enhance what we are doing today to take it to yet another level,” said Steven Koles, Hifi president and chief executive officer.

Innovative companies driving the digital oilfield of the future, DIGITIZING THE PIPELINE
Jwn April 23, 2019
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