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Light Shows the Way to Build “Smart” Infrastructure

Last January, in the face of a public outcry, New York Governor Cuomo abandoned plans for a 15-month shutdown of the Canarsie Tunnel, part of the subway line between  Manhattan and Brooklyn….Corrosion was attacking cables and circuit breakers, as well as power and tack equipment. The tunnel’s concrete walls were degrading, and replacing the old wall’s lining was a priority. But about 225,000 riders a day rely on the tunnel, and they weren’t sitting still for the closure. Cuomo brought together a team of experts to develop a less disruptive option. The team consulted with Kenichi Soga, Berkeley professor of civil engineering and a leader in developing fiber optics to detect potential vulnerabilities in large-scale infrastructure projects.
Light Shows the Way to Build “Smart” Infrastructure
Berkeley Research Bakar Fellows Program July 1, 2020
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