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OptaSense Conducts Unique Live Pipeline Leak Detection Demonstration

In conjunction with Rio Pipeline Conference and Exhibition 2019 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, OptaSense presented a one-of-a-kind demonstration of its fiber-optic-based pipeline leak detection system. The demonstration, held at the CTDUT Pipeline Technology Center, just outside of Rio de Janeiro allowed OptaSense customers the opportunity to witness how Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensing can identify and locate leaks along pipeline.

OptaSense engineers conducted a live, full-scale leak detection tests on a 2.5 Km buried flow loop that has been instrumented with the OptaSense fiber-optic-based system. Attendees were able to see how the system works, not just in theory, but in a real-world world setting. Controlled leaks were initiated on the pipeline and viewers were able to watch from a control room setting as the leaks were identified and classified using the OptaSense system.

FOSA members John Williams and Dr. Chris Minto led the demonstrations for OptaSense.
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