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OptaSense Strain & Temperature Monitoring Hollin Hill Whitepaper Executive Summary

OptaSense publishes a revolutionary white paper on the application of Rayleigh Backscatter Sensing to provide three measurement streams in parallel in real time from the same device: Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), Rayleigh Distributed Temperature Sensing (RDTS) and Rayleigh Distributed Strain Sensing (RDSS). Focusing on a year of work with the British Geological Survey at a National Landslide Laboratory in the UK the work demonstrates the accuracy of the technique and at the same time illustrates the benefit of having thousands of channels of data that can offer a milli-Kelvin and micro-Strain sensitivity without averaging in real time – all the time.
OptaSense Strain & Temperature Monitoring
Hollin Hill OptaSense Whitepaper Executive Summary October 2021
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