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Phenomenal Growth in Renewable Energy Across Asia Pacific

Kin Leong Ho, Regional Sales Manager Asia, for Fotech, a bp Launchpad company, is energized by the growth of the renewable energy industry, particularly the wind sector, in the Asia-Pacific region. This green energy expansion across multiple Asian markets represents a major opportunity for Fotech’s fiber optic monitoring technology to play a vital role in asset security.   

Tell us how DAS/fiber optics technology works.
First, it’s important to understand that DAS stands for “distributed acoustic sensing”. A DAS interrogator is a device that converts a standard communications fiber into thousands of extremely sensitive acoustic and vibration sensors. When you send short pulses of light along the fiber optic cable, every second, the light is reflected back to the hardware, Helios DAS, by a process known as Rayleigh Backscatter. Vibrations from the surrounding environment will disturb the light at points along the fiber and cause the reflected light to change, this means the disturbances can be observed by the DAS interrogator. Advanced algorithms are able to recognize the unique signatures of each type of event in real-time so events that cause concern are immediately reported to the alarm server.

...DAS technology can be easily integrated into existing projects such as established cities and infrastructure, or installed new into smart city developments or new wind energy installations….Cabling makes up approximately 9% of the overall cost of an offshore wind farm, but subsea power cable failures are frequently reported issues, accounting for a massive 75% to 80% of the total cost of offshore wind insurance claims….operators….need to be able to detect, to locate and to deal with failures immediately.
Phenomenal Growth in Renewable Energy Across Asia Pacific
Tech Business News August 12, 2021 
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