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Pipeline leak detection technologies

Special optical technologies and software can transform fiber optic cables into sensing cables, solving the main challenge of monitoring long assets such as pipelines, power cables, tunnels, and train lines. With a fiber optic sensor cable, the sensing capability is always close to the leak event or external threat. Distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS) is well known as an external pipeline leak detection method that detects changes in temperature, noise or vibration. However, leak-related events occurring inside the pipe can also be sensed….DFOS detects internal events, including PIG/scrapper tracking, liquid accumulations in gas pipelines, slugs and flow constrictions….LDS systems using distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) and distributed temperature sensing (DTS) are installed in hundreds of projects across tens of thousands of kilometers of pipelines.
Pipeline leak detection technologies
EngineerLIVE June 17, 2021
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