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Protecting Subsea Cabling

A significant danger to subsea cables is through shipping activity. 70% of cable faults are due to anchoring, fishing and boating….four array cable outages recorded in UK waters during 2017. With an average outage time of 26.5 days, this resulted in £2.2 million in losses — or approximately £85,000 a day….Fortunately, ‘Distributed Acoustic Sensing’ (DAS) technology provides a ready-made solution for the offshore wind industry to monitor and protect these crucial cables. DAS identifies, with clarity and confidence, the different disturbances that impact cabling in offshore wind farms, providing operators with specific alarms to enable them to resolve the issue efficiently.

Fully-integrated DAS covers the entire length of subsea cables - giving a complete real-time overview of hundreds of kilometers of cabling and allowing operators access to unique insights that accelerate the decision-making process.
Protecting Subsea Cabling
Offshore Engineer December 19, 2019
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