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Sensing technology trial to improve air quality in Staffordshire

Staffordshire County Council is working with Fotech to improve air quality through the use of fiber optic sensing technology. Fiber optic sensing technology is a unique way of detecting vehicle movements using standard telecom fibers that run next to the roadside. This trial is part of the Department for Transport funded £22.9m Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport SMART Places Live Labs program. Vehicles travelling in each direction along the road parallel to the fiber sensor induce vibrations into the ground and through to the fiber. The vibrations influence the light travelling in the fiber and these disturbances are detected by Fotech’s Distributed Acoustic Sensing, (DAS) system. Monitoring of the fiber can determine the location, velocity and relative weight of the vehicles and therefore traffic queues can be identified, and the heavier, potentially larger polluters can be identified….“Traffic queues can be a major contributing factor to air pollution…and understanding where the problems lie using the latest technology will help us to find appropriate solutions to reduce it….
Sensing technology trial to improve air quality in Staffordshire
Read the article in Pbc today April 14, 2021
Read the article in Amey News, media, insight April 14, 2021 

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