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Smart City Expo 2019: Shaping the future of urban environments

Recently, we attended this year’s Smart City Expo in Barcelona, an exciting event that brings together leading technology companies, policy-makers and entrepreneurs to help shape the smart-cities of the future. While we were there to showcase our industry-leading Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, it was a great opportunity to catch up on some other intelligent innovations from across the globe. The expo touched on the most important issues facing cities today, with a focus on five main tracks: digital transformation, urban environments, mobility, governance and finance, and inclusive cities….

Using solutions such as DAS, fiber optic cabling can be transformed into a network of highly sensitive acoustic sensors – innately ‘listening’ to the activities around them. The huge amount of data provided can then be used to power crucial insights into everything from traffic management to crime prevention. And the great thing about fiber optic networks as a data source is, the infrastructure is already in place
Smart City Expo 2019: Shaping the future of urban environments
Fotech Solutions Blog December 13, 2019
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