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Smart City Tech in the Social Distancing Era

The coronavirus crisis is forcing citizens across the globe to reconsider how we work in, move through, and think about our city technology can pick up the baton. Smart cities are based on extensive use of sensors to collect data on as many aspects of a city as possible....they can also be crucial in managing widespread social distancing....DAS could be used to identify locations where there are concentrations of people above a certain threshold in real-time - and deliver alerts to enforcement officials.

Alternatively, DAS could also be used to ensure key amenities - public buildings or services like gyms and shops - are not overwhelmed. Live status data on the traffic around these key points could be used by cities to deliver information to citizens, advising them on the best time to venture out to stagger demand….Crucially DAS data is completely anonymized. No personal information needs to be captured or stored...
Smart City Tech in the Social Distancing Era
Fotech Solutions Blog April 30, 2020 
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