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Smart fiber-optic sensing systems enhance physical border walls and fences

Smart fiber-optic sensing systems enhance physical border walls and fences, Laser Focus World's July Cover Story, written through the collaboration of FOSA members Wieland Hill, director of Advanced Sensing Systems at NKT Photonics, John J. Williams, regional director of infrastructure monitoring for the Americas at OptaSense, and Gareth Lees, research director at AP Sensing.

Distributed fiber-optic sensing architectures complement physical borders by providing accurate, cost effective, real-time monitoring of perimeter intrusions. Fiber-optic sensing systems based on elastic or inelastic light scattering effects in standard telecommunications-grade optical fibers are powerful tools for analyzing spatially resolved profiles of physical quantities along fiber-optic cables. Their success in multiple applications comes from the cost-effective measurement of thousands of locations with a single interrogator, the large distance range, the absence of electrical power in the application, and the immunity to electromagnetic interference. Within the last 30 years, numerous technologies have been developed for distributed or multipoint measurement of physical quantities using optical fibers. 

Laser Focus World Cover Story July 2019 p.23
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