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The Digital Twin Acquires a New Neural System

Using the pre-existing trackside infrastructure and cables of Deutsche Bahn, AP Sensing’s Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) technology is used to collect live data along the track. The fiber optic network and DFOS technology is perfectly suited to feed the neural system of a digital, acoustic twin of the rail network. Together with Deutsche Bahn and TU Darmstadt, AP Sensing is an innovation driver when it comes to a smart solution and high performing technology. Continuous sensing capabilities at every point along a rail track not only offer the capacity for train tracking, but also increase safety by monitoring train integrity and detecting obstacles along the track or quickly locating short circuits….a fiber optic based acoustic digital twin of the rail network is an important component for increasing capacity and efficiency in the provision of sustainable and energy-saving mobility.
The Digital Twin Acquires a New Neural System
AP Sensing News December 10, 2021
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