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The million sensors you didn’t know you already have

Fotech Solutions’ Stuart Large presented the webinar “The million sensors you didn’t know you already have, the unexpected value of a city’s fiber revealed” to SmartCities World. Connecting people, sensors, machines and the overall internet is the humble optical fiber. Millions of kilometers of fiber are installed in the world’s cities every year and with DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) these fibers can be converted into millions of Acoustic, Vibration, Temperature and Strain sensors - The fiber cable becomes a line of thousands of sensors!

The fibers below our feet can detect our footsteps and the movements of vehicles on the road beside us, producing data which can be used to control traffic in an intelligent way to reduce congestion and emissions and improve air quality and safety. Large also looked at how DAS can be used to detect threats to infrastructure such as pipelines and cables and how Fotech Solutions can not only protect those assets from damage, but also locate a fault, such as a failure on a power cable much more quickly and safely.
The million sensors you didn’t know you already have
Fotech Solutions webinar September 9, 2020
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