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UC Berkeley: Light Shows the Way To Build "Smart" Infrastructure

The 95-year-old tunnel was in urgent need of repair even before Superstorm Sandy inundated it with saltwater in 2012. Kenichi Soga leads research developing distributed fiber optic sensors to detect defects, distortions and other vulnerabilities in large-scale infrastructure…. Cuomo brought together a team of experts…The team consulted with Kenichi Soga, Berkeley professor of civil engineering and a leader in developing fiber optics to detect potential vulnerabilities in large-scale infrastructure projects. The team developed a novel plan to strengthen the walls with fiber-reinforced polymer and install fiber optic sensors to remotely monitor the tunnel's vulnerability to future damage. The sensing strategy is called distributed fiber optic sensing, or DFOS. Soga explained his efforts, supported by the Bakar Fellows program, to advance the technology and speed its implementation in major infrastructure projects.
UC Berkeley: Light Shows the Way To Build "Smart" Infrastructure CA July 1, 2020
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