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FOSA Comments National Telecommunications and Information Administration 2022
Topic: Public Policy Files
Owner: FOSA Staff
Date: 2022-02-03

The Fiber Optic Sensing Association (FOSA) appreciates the opportunity to comment on NTIA's implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 20211 (The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law or "BIL") and to share our thoughts on the questions posed in the NTIA's Request for Comments dated January 5, 2022 (Notice or PN).

FOSA commends NTIA for encouraging a comprehensive program involving diverse stakeholders and broadband use applications. NTIA’s "Multi-Use" approach can more fully harness broadband's potential and help address the BIL's policy objectives. FOSA offers related recommendations to several individual questions of the PN. In support of a "MultiUse" strategy, FOSA believes NTIA can: • Engage other stakeholders, including non-traditional providers: FOSA encourages NTIA and is program participants to involve non-traditional providers, especially infrastructure owners with long rights-of-way. Their participation further serves as a "Multi-Use" strategy toward meeting the BIL's objectives. • Track Fiber-Enabled Rights of Way: FOSA recommends that NTIA encourage states and other program participants to establish and maintain mechanisms for tracking the availability of "fiber-enabled rights-of-way” in a publicly available and searchable format. This access will encourage broadband "Multi-Use," such as promoting interconnection and other fiber optic cable uses, such as fiber optic sensing. • Encourage Conduit Use: FOSA strongly encourages fiber optic cable conduits to enable future cable installation. These conduits provide mechanical protection of the fiber cable, both during the installation of the fiber cable and over the entire life of the fiber cable. Conduits promote "Multi-Use" because network infrastructure can be more.

See attached document for more complete details.

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