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FOSA Encourages Secretary Buttigieg to Advance Pipeline Rulemaking
Topic: Public Policy Files
Owner: FOSA Staff
Date: 2022-07-25

FOSA wrote to Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg to encourage his Department to move forward with a pipeline safety rulemaking, to promote the adoption of technology enhancements.

In its letter, FOSA noted that the American Petroleum Institute (API) recently completed a two-year project to update their leak detection Recommended Practice (RP) documents, specifically RP1130 (computational leak detection) and RP1175 (leak detection program management). FOSA Chairman Dave Cunningham wrote Secretary Buttigieg: “We hope that PHMSA and other agencies around the world include these updates to the industry RPs in their continued reviews and updates of pipeline safety rulemaking, reflecting the technological progress that the industry is making to keep pipelines the safest mode of transportation for a variety of products.”
See attached letter.

Download File   FOSA rulemaking letter to DOT Secretary 7 25 22.pdf