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Videos and webinars on fiber optic sensing and its benefits.

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FOSA Videos and Webinars
Date File
2020-09-17 WEBINAR New Paradigms and New Opportunities for Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing - OptaSense Details
2020-08-26 Overview of Fiber Optic Sensing Details
2020-06-18 WEBINAR Value Added Pipeline Applications Using HDS Monitoring & Machine Learning - Hifi Engineering Details
2020-06-11 WEBINAR Structural Integrity Monitoring of Pipelines & Geo-Hazards using FOS - The Weir-Jones Group Details
2020-05-28 WEBINAR DFOS for Geotechnical & Structural Health Applications - FOSA Technology Committee Details
2020-05-14 WEBINAR Asset Monitoring, Integrity & Optical Sensing Technologies in Energy Transmission-Prysmian Details
2020-04-30 WEBINAR Integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles w/ DAS Technology to Provide Rapid Response - Fotech Details
2020-04-16 WEBINAR Microtrenching and other Fiber Optic Installation Solutions - Ditch Witch Details
2020-03-19 WEBINAR Fiber Optic Sensing in Power Transmission - NKT Photonics Details
2020-02-20 WEBINAR Breakthrough Research on DAS for TPI Monitoring – Dura-Line, Fotech Solutions, OFS Details
2020-01-16 WEBINAR Overcoming Validation & Verification Difficulties for Pipeline Leak Detection - OptaSense Details
2019-11-21 WEBINAR Fire Detection by Fiber Optic Sensing - FOSA Technology Committee Details
2019-10-24 WEBINAR Beyond DAS – Advances in Distributed Rayleigh Scattering - AP Sensing Details
2019-09-19 WEBINAR Security and Safety Made Smart with Fiber Optic Sensing - NEC Details
2019-09-16 Emerging Applications for Optical Fiber - Corning Details
2019-06-20 WEBINAR Fiber Optic Sensing Towards a Billion Sensors - FOSA Technology Committee Details
2019-05-16 WEBINAR Smart Cities - Corning Details
2019-04-18 WEBINAR Smart Border Security - Network Integrity Systems Details
2019-03-25 WEBINAR Fiber Optic Sensing in City Power Networks - FiOPS Details
2019-02-21 WEBINAR Earthquake and Ambient Noise Monitoring using DAS on Existing Fiber - OptaSense Details
2018-12-20 WEBINAR Smartpipe® - The Pipeline to Smart Cities - Smartpipe Technologies® Details
2018-11-15 WEBINAR Promoting Fiber Optic Sensing in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry - SEAFOM Details
2018-11-14 WEBINAR FOSA: Who We Are and What We Do Details
2018-10-18 WEBINAR Gas-Cooled Applications of Fiber Optic Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensors-OZ Optics Details
2018-09-20 WEBINAR The Internet of Things Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger DAS for Smart Cities - Fotech Solutions Details
2018-06-21 WEBINAR Fiber Optic Sensing for Railroad Infrastructure and Assets - FOSA Technology Committee Details
2018-05-17 WEBINAR High Fidelity Sensing for World Class Pipeline Monitoring - Hifi Engineering Details
2018-04-19 WEBINAR Smart Pathways for Fiber Optic Sensing - Dura-Line Details
2018-03-19 WEBINAR Transport Infrastructure Geohazard Risk Monitoring - Omnisens Details
2018-02-15 WEBINAR Fiber Optic Sensors an Internet of Things Application Layer for Advanced Security - Adelos Details
2018-01-23 WEBINAR Advancing Pipeline Safety with Fiber Optic Sensing - FOSA Technology Committee Details
2017-12-15 WEBINAR Optical Cable Selection for Pipeline Sensing Applications - Prysmian Details
2017-11-30 WEBINAR Automated Surveillance of Critical Assets - Asymmetric Technologies Details
2017-10-25 WEBINAR Fiber Optic Acoustic Detection Railroad Applications - Frauscher Sensor Technology Details
2017-09-20 WEBINAR Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing to Protect Pipelines - Fotech Solutions Details
2017-07-19 WEBINAR Tales from the Front Line of Fiber Optic Sensing - OptaSense Details
2017-06-21 WEBINAR Long Distance Fiber Optic Sensing - Omnisens Details
2017-04-24 Sensing Cable: Sensitivity of Telecom Cable vs Sensing Cable (Corning®, OptaSense®) Details
2017-04-20 Sensing Cable: Hybrid Cable Designed for Temperature and Strain Sensing (Prysmian®) Details
2017-04-17 Railway Monitoring: FTS Journey (Frauscher®) Details
2017-04-17 Railway Monitoring: Axle Counting & Wheel Detection (Frauscher®) Details
2017-04-17 Railway Monitoring: Rail Claw Assembly (Frauscher®) Details
2017-04-17 Railway Monitoring: Hot Box Detection (Frauscher®) Details
2017-04-17 Demonstration: Simultaneous Measurements Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing (OZ Optics®) Details
2017-04-17 Demonstration: 50km Slow & Fast Measurement Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing (OZ Optics®) Details
2017-04-17 Demonstration: Detecting Cracks in Structures Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing(OZ Optics®) Details
2017-04-17 Demonstration: Remote Monitoring and Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing (OZ Optics®) Details
2017-04-15 Demonstration: Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing System (OZ Optics®) Details
2017-04-15 Demonstration: Long Haul Measurements Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensing System(OZ Optics®) Details
2017-04-14 Pipeline Monitoring: Detecting Hacksaw Attack (Fotech®) Details
2017-04-14 Perimeter Security - Movement Detection (Fotech®) Details
2017-04-14 Intrusion Detection - Fiber Sound of Walking (Fotech®) Details
2017-04-13 Railway Monitoring: Personnel Detection and Safety (OptaSense®) Details
2017-04-13 Intrusion Detection: Drive, Walk, Dig (OptaSense®) Details
2017-04-12 Power Cable Monitoring: Long distance power cable and umbilical monitoring (Omnisens®) Details
2017-04-12 Pipeline Monitoring: Why every new pipeline should have fiber optic monitoring (Omnisens®) Details