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WEBINAR Tales from the Front Line of Fiber Optic Sensing - OptaSense
Topic: FOSA Videos and Webinars
Owner: FOSA Staff
Date: 2017-07-19

Major deployments, how systems were installed and their operational impact on critical infrastructure projects. OptaSense is a distributed acoustic sensing system that has been installed on more than 20,000 miles of infrastructure assets globally, which include pipelines, railways, roads, secure facilities and other long-haul assets like power and telecom cables. In this webinar, OptaSense will provide examples of installations across a diverse set of industry verticals, applications and locations, including videos of the systems in action and the challenges and successes of real world deployments. Whether it’s detecting pipeline leaks, damage to railroads or intrusions at critical facilities, OptaSense has been installed in some of the toughest environments.

JJ Williams and Dr. Chris Minto are global experts on fiber optic sensing, having been involved in more than 250 projects worldwide in multiple industries and geographies. Both previously with QinetiQ, the FTSE250 science and technology group formed from the UK Ministry of Defense, JJ and Chris were part of the founding team of OptaSense, which has since become the world’s largest provider of distributed fiber optic sensing solutions.

 JJ is based in Houston and oversees the infrastructure monitoring business in the Americas across pipeline, rail, road and secure facilities, he has a Bachelor of Science from Cass Business School in London. Chris currently looks after engineering assurance across all sectors of the company, he has a PhD in Physics and is a Member of the Institute of Physics. Chris is both a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Physicist.

Download File   Tales from the Front Line of Fiber Optic Sensing - OptaSense 7.19.17.mp4