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Pipeline Monitoring: Nam Con Son, Viet Nam, (OptaSense®)
Topic: FOSA Case Studies
Owner: Tom Cohen
Date: 2017-04-12
Subtopic: Pipeline

The Nam Con Son Pipeline (NCSP) is a strategic pipeline in SE Viet Nam, linking over the largest offshore gas field in VietNam with the Phu My gas to electricity plant. The pipeline achieves landfall at the Long Hai coastal station and is then piped 9km to the Dinh Co processing terminal located in the Meekong Delta. Processed gas is separated from condensate and is then piped the remaining 28km to the Phu My power plant for electricity generation. Liquid condensate is separately delivered to the Thi Vai terminal.
The OptaSense® project provides gas leak detection and third party intrusion prevention along the very busy right of way between Long Hai and Phu My.
The project was fully operational early in 2011 and although the distances are short, is a very complex operation due to the different cabling required for the project to accommodate the very different enviornments experienced throughout the right of way – ranging from swamp to paddy fields to a general right of way for the populace.
The high levels of background activity on this right of way require a particular attention to environmental zoning and the use of multiple detectors to provide a flat baseline performance to the client.

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