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Salt Conveyor Belt Monitoring in Germany (AP Sensing)
Topic: FOSA Case Studies
Owner: FOSA Staff
Date: 2020-09-16

AP Sensing is monitoring conveyor belts at the largest salt production site in Germany. The Zielitz Plant extracts approximately 12 million tons of crude salts per year and the mine operator, K+S, is an international mining company with sites across five continents.

K+S is an international mining company that pursued an AP Sensing Linear Heat Detection (LHD) solution for  early fire detection at a salt production site in Germany. The site is now equipped with 11 LHD devices monitoring 22 conveyor belt bridges. These bridges typically have a wooden floor, which burn quickly and would affect production in the case of a fire. In addition to the fiber optic LHD units, AP Sensing's steel sensor cable is installed along both sides of each conveyor belt for maximum coverage and the fastest possible fire detection. Our SmartVision asset visualization software is utilized to demonstrate the exact location of temperature events along the conveyor belts. Precision of detection is unaffected by wind, dust and harsh environmental effects. Lastly, all the LHD units transmit alarms via relay contacts to different alarm panels on site to inform the plant fire brigade immediately.

Download File   ConveyorBeltMonitoringGermany (AP Sensing).pdf