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Alcohol Tank Fire Detection (AP Sensing)
Topic: FOSA Case Studies
Owner: FOSA Staff
Date: 2020-11-18

AP Sensing Monitors Alcohol Tanks in Chile
An AP Sensing Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection (FO LHD) solution was selected to monitor alcohol tanks in the Panimex Quimica chemical plant in Chile. The project specifications stipulated one traditional, thermocouple LHD system for each tank, but due to past experiences with false alarms and continuous maintenance requirements at other sites, the tank farm operator chose AP Sensing’s FO LHD. In addition to providing more information than other systems, only one AP Sensing FO LHD unit was required to monitor the entire tank farm.

After installing new storage tanks onsite, the site operator required a continuous and precise temperature monitoring system with the intention of implementing a preventative system instead of simply reacting to critical events afterwards. Our system provides this possibility with early detection and the generation of pre-alarms when abnormal temperature conditions arise.  

AP Sensing’s certified, armored sensor cable was used in the installation alongside one, four-channel N4387B unit with a range of two kilometers. The cable is installed redundantly with two loops in order to ensure uninterrupted monitoring, even in the case of a fiber break.

Download File   Tank-Alcohol-Chile-Nov-6-2020 (AP Sensing).pdf