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Fiber optic sensing examples and technical papers.

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FOSA inaugural Premier member awards program 2021
Topic: FOSA Case Studies
Owner: FOSA Staff
Date: 2022-01-18

FOSA inaugural Premier member awards program 2021
2021 Innovation Award winner OptaSense and Runner-up tie between FEBUS Optics and Network Integrity Systems

Winner OptaSenseDevelopment of static strain and temperature sensing in a Rayleigh backscatter-based system

Runner-Up tie between

FEBUS OpticsFEBUS G1-C/CX read more and

Network Integrity SystemsPulse™ Sensor Verification System

2021 Project Award winner tie between Fotech Solutions and Hifi

Fotech SolutionsAir Quality Simulation project - part of SIMULATE Live Lab program, Air Quality Challenge

HifiTrans Mountain Expansion Pipeline project

Download File   FOSA Innovation Award - Rayleigh Strain Sensing - OptaSense.pdf
Download File   FEBUS-OPTICS_FOSA_innovation2021_ok.pdf
Download File   FOSA awards 2021 project category - Fotech Submission.pdf
Download File   FOSA Award Application - Hifi & TMEP vFinal.pdf