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Please join us, upcoming FOSA webinars: 

Your new sensing capabilities with metallic based fiber protection presented by NBG Fiber Optic Corp.
November 19, 11 AM ET

The NBG Fiber Optics Group presents a webinar for everybody curious to explore how fiber in metal tubes can improve your next sensing project.

You will discover:

  • How can fiber in metal tubes excel for sensing?
  • How industries like oil & gas, subsea, energy, public infrastructure or security use sensitive fiber in metal tubes to their advantage?
  • Get a peek into the future of new fiber in metal tube sensing applications.

You will get exclusive insights in special chosen case studies, their challenges and their solutions. A team of highly specialized engineers will guide you through the webinar. Richard Groffie with a strong background in fiber-based monitoring in the oil and gas industry. Patrick Weissinger as lead engineer and product manager for fiber in metal tubes and Stefan Hörth as the responsible team leader of NBG sensing activities. NBG has over 25 years of experience in customized fiber optics solutions.

Fiber Optics Sensing webinar presented by Omnisens 
December 17, 11 AM ET

Past Webinars

Below is a list of webinars available to the public on the FOSA YouTube channel.  Member's only webinars can be accessed here.

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