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FOSA Case Studies & Papers

Fiber optic sensing examples and technical papers.

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FOSA Case Studies
Date File
2019-09-16 Conveyor & Tunnel Fire Detection Details
2019-07-22 Using Fiber Optic Cables To Deliver Intelligent Traffic Management In Smart Cities (OptaSense) Details
2019-06-27 Protecting Data Centers (OptaSense) Details
2019-03-15 Fiber Optic Sensing in City Power Networks (FiOPS) Details
2019-02-22 Reservoir Water Pipeline Monitoring (AP Sensing) Details
2018-08-28 Gas-Cooled Generator Applications of Fiber-Optic DSTS (OZ Optics) Details
2018-01-22 Coherent Probe-Pump-Based Brillouin Sensor Applied in Industry (OZ Optics) Details
2017-11-20 Offshore Windpark DTS and DAS Monitoring Denmark (AP Sensing) Details
2017-10-02 The Use of DAS in Other Industries, Infrastructure Monitoring and Beyond (OptaSense) Details
2017-04-19 Hydraulic Fracturing Monitoring (Fotech®) Details
2017-04-12 Hydraulic Fracturing Monitoring: Cana Woodford Shale, USA (SPIE Paper) Details
2017-12-08 Terra Sound Technology (Asymmetric) Details
2017-05-10 Pipeline Monitoring: Tackling pipeline tapping in India with DAS (Fotech®) Details
2017-04-19 Pipeline Integrity Monitoring - (Fotech®) Details
2017-04-12 Pipeline Monitoring: Ground Movement Detection, Peru (Omnisens®) Details
2017-04-12 Pipeline Monitoring: Mangala Development Project, India (OptaSense®) Details
2017-04-12 Pipeline Monitoring: KPO BV Export Pipeline, Kazahkstan (OptaSense®) Details
2017-04-12 Pipeline Monitoring: Nam Con Son, Viet Nam, (OptaSense®) Details
2017-04-12 Pipeline Monitoring: BTC Project, Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan (OptaSense®) Details
2017-04-19 Power System Monitoring (Fotech®) Details
2017-04-12 Power Cable Monitoring: Subsea Electrical Cables, Greater Gabbard Wind Farm UK (Omnisens®) Details
2017-04-12 Smart Roads: Highway Congestion and Incident Management, New Zealand (OptaSense®) Details