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Join our next webinar Breakthrough Research on Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) for Third-Party Intrusion (TPI) Monitoring to learn about groundbreaking discoveries made through meaningful comparisons between DAS methods, fiber types, sensor cable designs, and installation practices including “Dig Once” and direct sensor burial. Dura-line, Fotech, and OFS team up to present learnings from a recent suite of field trials.
February 20 11:00AM Eastern Time

Presented by Dr. Paul Dickinson of Dura-Line, Dr. Peter Hayward of Fotech Solutions and FOSA Chairman Mike Hines of OFS 

Dr. Paul Dickinson is the Director of Technology Partnerships at Dura-Line.  A telecom industry veteran of over 29 years, he began his career as an AT&T Bell Labs materials research scientist developing new optical fiber cable material formulations before moving on to a variety of different positions within Lucent Technologies and OFS. His prior experience includes leadership roles in R&D management, optical systems engineering, technology transfer & scale-up, marketing, and sales. 6 years ago, Paul joined Dura-Line to develop and execute an Enterprise business strategy and has since also focused on additional areas of innovative business development.  One of his primary current initiatives involves global strategic planning and solution development of fiber optic sensing solutions in a wide variety of vertical markets.  Paul earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Cornell University and Ph.D. in polymer science from the University of Connecticut’s Institute of Materials Science. Dr. Dickinson serves on the FOSA Board of Directors.

Dr. Peter Hayward is a Technology Officer within Fotech’s Office of CTO’s, responsible for all aspects of the company’s Applied Research & Development efforts. Peter has been part of the Fotech organization since inception in 2008, initially supporting development of the company’s distributed interrogators, before turning attention to application development requirements for Fotech’s security, downhole, and linear asset monitoring solutions. Peter holds a D.Phil in Nonlinear Dynamics and has worked in the field of fiber sensing for 16 years, earlier developing and delivering commercial DTS, DSS, and DPS solutions.

FOSA Chairman Mike Hines is the Market Manager for Industrial Sensing with OFS, in Avon, CT, USA. His responsibilities include market, product and business development in Industrial Sensing for applications in upstream, mid-stream and downstream oil and gas markets, including downhole, pipeline, and reservoir monitoring. Mike is also actively involved with technologies to help bring value to the rail and perimeter security markets through distributed fiber optic sensing. With a background in marketing and economics, he is a twenty-five year veteran of the fiber optics industry, focusing on specialty optical fiber and associated technologies. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and a Master of Business Administration.


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