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FOSA webinar presented by Network Integrity Systems
January 19

Past Webinars

Below is a list of webinars available to the public on the FOSA YT logo .jpg YouTube channel   

Grid Resilience: Using Fiber Optic Networks for Understanding Underground Electric Grid in Congested Distribution Systems - LIOS Technology

Smart Cities Ubiquitous Fiber and Sensing - FOSA Smart Cities Committee

Integrated Strain, Temperature, & Passive Seismic sensing for complete ground knowledge - OptaSense

5 years of FOSA - advancement of a technology and an industry

Benefits of Fiber for Electrical Utility Perimeter Security - Senstar

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (Acoustics, Temperature, Strain): a perfect toolbox for well monitoring - FEBUS Optics

Long Distance Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing - FOSA Technology Committee

Structural Health Monitoring Made Easy with Fiber Optic Sensing - NBG Fiber Optics Corp

Brillouin and Rayleigh, two decades monitoring in the field - Omnisens

Smarter Cities & Communities with Fiber Optic Sensing - FOSA Smart Cities Committee

Becoming truly smart – how can new cities add value to fiber with sensing? - Fotech 

Monitoring of Large Concrete Structures with Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing - FOSA Technology Committee

Making Smart Cities from Dark Fiber - Terra Sound 

Automated Conveyor Health Monitoring through Fiber Optic Sensing - Hawk Measurement

Advanced AI Techniques applied to Rail Monitoring using Fiber Optic Sensing - AP Sensing 

Fire Detection in Theaters by Fiber-Optic Linear Heat Detection - NKT Photonics

Retrofitting Existing Pipelines for Fiber Optic Monitoring - Hifi Engineering

Fiber Optic Sensing for Highway Applications - OptaSense

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing: a comprehensive asset integrity monitoring solution - Omnisens

Your new sensing capabilities with metallic based fiber protection - NBG Fiber Optic Corp.

Risk Management through Fiber Optic Sensing - FOSA Technology Committee   

New Paradigms and New Opportunities for Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing - OptaSense

Overview of Fiber Optic Sensing - Fiber Optic Sensing Association

Value Added Pipeline Applications Using HDS Monitoring & Machine Learning - Hifi Engineering       

Structural Integrity Monitoring of Pipelines & Geo-Hazards using Fiber Optic Sensing - Weir-Jones Group   

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing for Geotechnical & Structural Health Applications - FOSA Technology Committee

Asset Monitoring, Integrity & Optical Sensing Technologies in Energy Transmission - Prysmian Group

Integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Distributed Acoustic Sensing Technology to Provide Rapid Response - Fotech Solutions        

Microtrenching and other Fiber Optic Installation Solutions - Ditch Witch

Fiber Optic Sensing in Power Transmission - NKT Photonics         

Breakthrough Research on DAS for TPI Monitoring – Dura-Line, Fotech Solutions, OFS

Overcoming Validation & Verification Difficulties for Pipeline Leak Detection - OptaSense 

Fire Detection by Fiber Optic Sensing - FOSA Technology Committee      

Beyond DAS – Advances in Distributed Rayleigh Scattering - AP Sensing

Security and Safety Made Smart with Fiber Optic Sensing - NEC

Fiber Optic Sensing Towards a Billion Sensors - FOSA Technology Committee   

Smart Cities - Corning

Smart Border Security - Network Integrity Systems

Fiber Optic Sensing in City Power Networks – NKT Photonics      

Earthquake and Ambient Noise Monitoring using DAS on Existing Fiber - OptaSense     

Smartpipe® - The Pipeline to Smart Cities - Smartpipe Technologies      

FOSA: Who We Are and What We Do – Fiber Optic Sensing Association

Gas-Cooled Applications of Fiber Optic Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensors-OZ Optics

The Internet of Things Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger DAS for Smart Cities - Fotech Solutions

Fiber Optic Sensing for Railroad Infrastructure and Assets - FOSA Technology Committee     

High Fidelity Sensing for World Class Pipeline Monitoring - Hifi Engineering   

Smart Pathways for Fiber Optic Sensing - Dura-Line

Transport Infrastructure Geohazard Risk Monitoring - Omnisens 

Advancing Pipeline Safety with Fiber Optic Sensing - FOSA Technology Committee

Optical Cable Selection for Pipeline Sensing Applications - Prysmian Group

Automated Surveillance of Critical Assets - Terra Sound

Fiber Optic Acoustic Detection Railroad Applications - Sensonic

Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing to Protect Pipelines - Fotech Solutions

Tales from the Front Line of Fiber Optic Sensing - OptaSense     

Long Distance Fiber Optic Sensing - Omnisens